Everyone now knows the risks to a sedentary lifestyle, so why not bring the gym to your office?  Most corporate insurance packages have some incentive for you to join a gym, take personal training sessions, or go to a yoga studio.  Why not bring these services to your office so that you can enjoy your early mornings and evenings with your friends and family?

What to wear on office workout days?  Many athletic clothing companies are offering studio-to-office apparel so you wouldn't have to bring a change of clothes to work! Before I worked in the fitness industry I worked at an office full-time, these are the brands I liked that had practical options for me going from the office to the gym; aloyoga, manduka, and prana.

Contact me directly to sign up for in-office personal training sessions, or group sessions for you or your staff members. lifebalance.yoga.cpt@gmail.com 

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